Giving Thanks for Sobornost and Catallaxy

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for Sobornost and Catallaxy.   While often mistaken for a Ukrainian side dish consisting of spiced beets and a Greek method for preparing heavily oiled pig liver patties, these are not epicurian delights for your holiday meal.

Here’s wikipedia notes on them both:

Nikolai Lossky explained that sobornost involved  “the combination of freedom and unity of many persons on the basis of their common love for the same absolute values.”[4]

…catallaxy was … coined and made popular by Friedrich Hayek who defines it as follows:[3]

‘the order brought about by the mutual adjustment of many individual economies in a market’.

Nanocivics is where they intersect.

Nanocivics captures the idea of sobornost because exchanges we make – family, commercial, spiritual, emotional and intellectual exchanges - form and regulates those common bonds.  Civilization is, fundamentally, the outgrowth of those exchanges and bonds.  Society possesses common ideas and common loves because parents share them with children and because friends/teachers/artists/everyone share them with one another.

Also, nanocivics caputes the idea of catallaxy because the small-scale relationships of local public life are a spontaneous order.  People don’t need to be told to make social networks, they just do. People don’t need to be told to make cities, they just do.  We have a society because catallaxy works from the bottom-up, like DNA in a human cell, to make our families, our neighborhoods, our cities and our world.

Not Catallaxy

 This has both sobornost and catallaxy.



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