Grow Dat? Yes, Grow That!

“Go ahead, you know you want some strawberries. You don’t have to hide under there, you can eat them.”
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It’s an old observation that connecting with the land and the natural cycles of agriculture is a great teacher of humility, wisdom and common sense.  This is why agrarian philosophies are resurgent.  Some mull over philosophies, other live them.

New Urban News highlights the Grow Dat program in New Orleans.  As the video shows, they’re action oriented:



This is the joy of focusing on the small scale relationships of local public life.  Who Dat is nanocivics in action.  The relationships and lessons built through cooperative, hands-on farming and food preparation benefit anyone who tries their hand.  The good folks in Grow Dat have learned to make synergy and value for others through competition and cooperation; they’ll carry that for a lifetime.

Visit these guys to learn more.

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  1. Grow that is a great group because it helps people in need; the people getting the food are not the only ones benefiting though. This group has a very basic job they do, a job that can be done by undereducated people. By not requiring a degree or any training this creates an opportunity for many people in that area that could be classified as lower income. The more people that began working, the more food they will be able to grow and sell, leading to purchasing more space to do this. By doing this grows dat has created a positive externality for the area that could lead to businesses opening up in order to have a low travel cost to get to this food. More businesses equal more jobs, more jobs means that 1. The people living in this area will have a great combined income than before, and 2. That the job opportunities will bring more people in to the area. All of these factors are self-replicating and would increase over time until the community was back on the map, and not considered the ghetto.

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