The Hobbit… And Blue Wizards?!


The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, is the perfect ideal of how to adapt a book to screen. Almost better than the trilogy, this movie is a Tolkien geek’s dream. Absolutely amazing. Gorgeous cinematography, incredible adaption of storyline, and epic characters. Jam-packed with detail, and dozens of obscure references. Like the blue wizards… Now that’s just awesome.

For those who don’t get that reference, in some of Tolkien’s other writings, there are five wizards mentioned as the only five wizards to ever exist. Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White, and Radgast the Brown are all well-known to Tolkien enthusiasts in varying degrees. Each are heavily referenced in The Silmarillion and other assorted works, although Radgast is a very minor figure. But they all have backstory. The other two wizards are left completely unaccounted for in all of Tolkien’s writing, and are known simply as ”The Blue Wizards.” No names, no story, no nothing. Thus Gandalf’s line in The Hobbit, regarding the five wizards,”…And the two blue wizards, whose names I can’t remember,” is highly amusing.

Little geek moment there.

Anyway, for all those wondering whether Peter Jackson’s ambitious attempt to expand The Hobbit into a trilogy was worth it? No further worries. The Hobbit is as good as or better than The Lord of the Rings, and only promises to improve with the coming films. The Unexpected Journey is frankly worth seeing for the dwarf/goblin wars alone, including but not limited to Azgog and the story of the Oakenshield. Not to mention the White Council…..

Just go see it if you haven’t already. This is how prequels should be made. (Take notes, George Lucas, take notes.)

Oh, and Thorin Oakenshield, as played by Richard Armitage, is perhaps the single greatest epic Tolkien hero of all time equaled only by Aragorn… If that.

Just saying.


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